Wednesday, March 18, 2009


'Forum held for city candidates' - KXAN Austin - Brewster was out of town and Carole has a new grandson, so Leffingwell got the spotlight at a candidate forum Saturday.

'Environmental activists unhappy with mayoral choices' - Austin American-Statesman - A profile of the Top 3's record from the environmental groups' perspective, topped off with a glaringly lukewarm endorsement for Leffingwell.

'DA to face big issues without much dough' - Philly Metro - The DA post just got less attractive after an early budget proposal indicated a 12 percent reduction for the office.

'D.A. contenders sue, countersue' - Philly Inquirer - Lawsuits were filed today challenging candidates' finance reports and ballot petitions. The targets each expressed confidence that the suits would be dismissed.



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