Friday, March 27, 2009


'Candidates debate ecological issues' - Daily Texan - The mayoral candidates show off their green.

'Vote on City of Austin Web site deal delayed' - Austin American-Statesman - Brewster and Leffingwell comment on the CoA website shenanigans.

'Brewster McCracken YouTube Video Encapsulates the Austin Mayor's Race' - BOR - A commentary from Phillip Martin about an interesting YouTube video from the McCracken camp.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


'Favorite mayoral catchphrase? "Hunker down"' - Austin American-Statesman - I have to agree, it really has been overused.

'Council candidates take questions' - Austin American-Statesman - The candidates are asked how they would make city government more citizen-driven. And once again Carole couldn't make it.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

'More Allegations Against Marc Dann' - WYTV Ohio - The Ohio Elections Commission rejected Dann's request that the second complaint filed against him be dismissed.

'What makes Castro run? It depends who is asked' - San Antonio Express-News - Is Julian Castro too ambitious? Read more to find out.


Friday, March 20, 2009


'Strayhorn attacks opponents who've served on Cap Metro board' - Austin American-Statesman - Time for another math lesson with Carole.

'Strayhorn calls for a freeze on Cap Metro spending' - Austin American-Statesman - But how are all those potholes going to get fixed?

'Leffingwell Loses First Endorsement' - BOR - Carole gets her first endorsement. Seriously.

'Heat on Castro's opponents to show they can compete' - San Antonio Express-News - Julian Castro released a poll showing that an Election Day win is within reach.

'Dann found guilty of election law violation' - AP - The Ohio Elections Commission found Dann in violation but declined to send the case to the county prosecutor. A second complaint is pending.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


'Forum held for city candidates' - KXAN Austin - Brewster was out of town and Carole has a new grandson, so Leffingwell got the spotlight at a candidate forum Saturday.

'Environmental activists unhappy with mayoral choices' - Austin American-Statesman - A profile of the Top 3's record from the environmental groups' perspective, topped off with a glaringly lukewarm endorsement for Leffingwell.

'DA to face big issues without much dough' - Philly Metro - The DA post just got less attractive after an early budget proposal indicated a 12 percent reduction for the office.

'D.A. contenders sue, countersue' - Philly Inquirer - Lawsuits were filed today challenging candidates' finance reports and ballot petitions. The targets each expressed confidence that the suits would be dismissed.


Friday, March 13, 2009

And 1

'Williams DA Campaign Doesn't Repudiate Donation' - Philadelphia Bulletin - Philly DA candidate Seth Williams received a $5,000 contribution from a convicted mob lawyer. Ouch.


'Castro Blogger Summit was a Success' - BOR - The Castro campaign hosted a live blog forum and webcast. Julian answered questions about, among other things, a city-wide Facebook he'd like to see.

'McCracken parts way with top campaign staffer' - Austin American-Statesman - Brewster fired deputy campaign manager Mario Bravo this week.

'Concerns raised over further spending on downtown study' - KVUE Austin - The mayoral candidates comment on a $1 million study of downtown.

'Leffingwell scoops up more endorsements' - Austin American-Statesman - Does anyone else feel like he's just showing off at this point?


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

News briefs

'Race for Mayor: Castro says he is ready to lead' - NBC 4 San Antonio - Julian Castro talks about his priorities for San Antonio if elected.

'2009 Phila. election season starts' - Philadelphia Inquirer - The primary filing deadline has passed, so let the games begin in the Philly D.A. race.

'ALGPC & Stonewall Democrats Issue Municipal Endorsements' - BOR - The first club endorsements in the mayor's race resulted in a dual Leffingwell/McCracken endorsement by ALGPC and a Leffingwell endorsement by Stonewall Dems.